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Sci-Fi Saturday Night might not even exist if it weren't for Red Dwarf. Amazing what a a little smeg can do here & there. Joining Dr. Who on Friday Nights, Red Dwarf has befome a staple of Sci Fi Saturday Night.

It doesn't really matter that Lister is the last living human being and Rimmer is a hologram, nor that the Cat evolved from actual cats as Holly kept Lister in Stasis for millions of years. It doesn't even matter that The Red Dwarf itself goes missing or mysteriously changed shape. What matters is funky, wacky, dysfunctional hyjinx in space... Not to mention the witty repartee.

First off, you will want to visit the Official Red Dwarf Web Site, it has just about everything you could want provided by the people who bring you the show! However RedDwarfs own Robert Llewyellen has a page that's a little more cutting Edge

Lestat claims to have "a place where you can get all the information on Red Dwarf you could ever need!" But if you need more (you sicko!) feel free to bask in the glory of Red Dwarf at Listers Pile O'Smeg, featuring waaaay too many RD links to surf in one sitting (unless you are, or plan on going insane).

Sillicon Hell has an Episode guide, Scripts and Fan fiction... supercool doodz!

Syclops has Ascii Art, a FAQ and a "favorite quote" list!.
Remember 'It will be happened; it shall be going to be happening; it will be was an event that could will have been taken place in the future.' Talk about Talking Smeg!

Talkie Toaster has a page. Mr. Flibble used to...Of course Kryten does. Even the Rimmer Experience is Online, if you dare visit.

Then there's the theme song MIDI File (if you're into the Midi thing)

Almost seems like everyone has a Red Dwarf page these days. Don't you?!?!

Reccomended sites:

Craig Charles' Web Page
Thanks to Andy Dorman for kicking me enough to make this link :)

Andy Dorman's Red Dwarf Page

If you are an SFFN fan & have more Red Dwarf sites you would like listed here, let me know! I'd like to have a list of fan recconmended sites here!

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