Sci-Fi SATURDAY Night????


Rumor controll...

10-26-01 Update:

It's not a rumor any more - a look at IPTV's official program schedule shows that our lives will change beginning November 9th (the night SFFN WON'T be on) followed by the First airing of SFSN on November 10th @ 11PM \

Even Better He're a letter received by Leela with words from the Director himself:

>From Daniel Miller, programming director, Iowa Public Television:
> We're making a number of program changes in November. Among the most
> significant: the BBC World News nightly at 10:30, the Nightly Business
> Report at 11 and a new program we're calling Insight Iowa Thursdays at 6:30.
> We're making these changes because many viewers told us how much they value
> IPTV as a source for information and perspective about the world's turbulent
> times, and we think the BBC News and Insight Iowa can help provide that. We
> also know that many wanted a consistent reliable broadcast time for the
> Nightly Business Report. We've provided that too at 11:00 p.m.
> That said, we also wanted to maintain our commitment to a complete block of
> Sci Fi programs, and Saturday night was the only place we could do that. If
> we would have kept them on Friday night, they would have aired an hour later
> than usual and would have been fewer in depth.
> Please share these thoughts as you wish - and thank you for asking.
> Best regards,
> > dkm

It's a new era folks, lets try to make it a good one by continuing to support our shows and by making any newcomers welcome!

Does anyone else find it ironic that the last show on Sci-Fi FRIDAY Night is a Space Island One episode titled "Money Makes the World Go Around "??? - TRS


What weHeard in the beginning:
Dan Miller has said that Sci-Fi Friday Night programming may be moved to saturday nights.
Email from al achtner to UNIT mailing list:
"had a communication with Dan Miller from IPTV this week, in which he told me they may be moving "Sci-Fi Friday" to Saturday nights. I replied in the negative. al achtner"

Anne Fredrickson (SFFN Director) has confirmed this and placed it firmly in the fact category! Email from Leela concerning Anne's response: "Yeah, it's gonna happen .... He [Dan Miller, programming director - Helpful Leela] feels this is the only/best way to keep the "block" (i.e. SCI-FI _____ NIGHT) together. This will allow us to have the BBC NEWS on every weekend (10/10:30 I guess), which would set back SFFN a half hour, which we'd then have to loose the 3rd show since we're off the air .... 12:30/1:00. "

I beleive Anne means that BBC news will be on WEEKnights which would cut half an hour out of the SFFN timeslot on Firday nights so that in order to keep the current 2.5 hours of programming, the whole block would be moved to Saturday Night.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
Can Sci-fi make it on Saturday night?
Can or should any effort be made to keeping the shows on Friday?
What does this mean to Red Green Fans who'se timeslot would be invaded?

What we need are solid opinions and suggestions from loyal Sci Fi Friday Night fans and we need to present them to IPTV as soon as possible.

During the OCT 19th Chat, some of us discussed how the best way to approach the situation - and agreed that the one thing that we CAN'T do is be rude to IPTV

I would love to have the Forum used to debate this issue, but it would have to be discussed rationally without the recent spate of "that show sucks/you're stupid" bickering.

Regardless, I suggest each of you who are concerned about this matter contact IPTV directly via phone (515) 242-3100 or e-mail.

I beleive Jeremy Bement said it quite eloquently in his recent e-mail to the UNIT & mailing lists:
As fans, we can be a voice that can be heard. If people would write a kind (not, I repeat NOT, offensive, derogatory, "How can you be so stupid as to even consider moving SFFN!?") letter to IPTV studios, we can at least make our opinion known. Iowa Public Television does its best to make their viewers happy and show the best programs possible, and listen. If you want to voice your concern and state your opinion, write a letter. And please be sure that you send them a real letter, and not just type up a note and email it to them. Give them something real, something tangible, something that they can see before their eyes and hold in their hand. Give them something that shows that you took the time and care enough about what *you* want to see on IPTV to send them a real letter. Here is their address:
Iowa Public Television
6450 Corporate Drive
Johnston, Iowa 50131
Attention: Dan Miller
The main point I want to get across though is that no matter what they decide to do, move Sci-Fi Friday Night or not, to SUPPORT their decision! They must do what they think best for IPTV, even if it means changing schedules and air times. What we will need to do is to continue watching Doctor Who and Red Dwarf, and show them that we're still loyal viewers. What we DON'T need to do is to spout off on mailing lists (which IPTV personnel read, trust me), send condemning thoughtless letters, and turn off our TV sets. If that happens, I can guarantee you that it won't be long before Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, and Sci-Fi Friday Night are a thing of the past.
Jeremy Bement

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